Verge: The Next Monero?


The New cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) has recently caught my attention. It runs a great wallet through the android store, and it runs via the TOR browser.

Find out how to get your own VERG…

Guide: How to buy Verge (XVG) From Binance

Verge known with the coin symbol XVG is a cryptocurrency with a public ledger focused on privacy and is verified by a blockchain technology. It’s based on a foundation of a decentralized peer-to-peer transaction supported by a global community.

The coin was created in 2014 as DodgeCoinDark being its initial name. On February 15th, 2016 there was a rebranding where its name was then changed to Verge. It was said that the community of new users would be able to relate more to it as Verge and also understand that it is a serious coin and not one intended for illegal activities.

The aim is to bring privacy to every user while keeping the original vision of the first cryptocurrency which is Bitcoin alive by providing maximum privacy in a public ledger.

Total number of Verges that there’ll ever be is 16,555,000,000 (16.55 billion coins), but presently, there are 14,382,837,081 in circulation, and with time the rest would be added.

The Verge cryptocurrency is stored in wallets like every other one of it’s kind, and it’s got a lot of options as stated on the VergeCurrency site.

There are over 20 exchanges where you can buy the Verge cryptocurrency. You can follow the following guide to exchange for Bitcoin on the Binance exchange platform.

Step 1

You must be a registered member of Binance to perform any trades/exchanges on the platform. Registering only takes some few seconds to some minutes, and you can register by clicking here.

Step 2

You’d be asked to verify your account for security purposes. After registration, you are required to log into the mail you entered on the registration form and click on the link that you are asked to verify that you registered on the platform. Be sure to have 2FA activated in order to keep your account secure.

Step 3

Send some bitcoins to the Binance platform. You need to fund your wallet on the exchange to buy some Verge cryptocurrency. You do this by going to the ‘Funds’ link at the top of the page and then click on the ‘Deposits Withdrawals’ option that appears.

Step 4 

You need to search for Bitcoin among the list of cryptocurrencies displayed on the page. You can use the search box in that section to make your search faster if Bitcoin isn’t at sight. When you find it, click on the ‘Deposit’ button right in front of it.

Step 5 

You should see a wallet address generated for you. You are to copy this address to your external wallet or another exchange in which you have stored your bitcoin funds. Send the value of Verge you would like to purchase (maybe a little bit more to cover transaction fee expense) in bitcoins to the generated address. Wait a while, and your funds should be credited to your Binance wallet in a couple of minutes.

Step 6

Click on the ‘Exchange’ link next to the Binance logo and select the ‘Basic’ option that displays.

When the page is loaded, at the top right section of the page, locate the XVG/BTC pair. You can use the search box to make your search faster.

Step 7 

On the Buy section right beneath the chart, you get to see how much bitcoin you are to pay for every Verge in the first box labeled Price. In the second box labeled Amount, you are to enter the number of Verge coins you want to purchase. A simple method if you would like to use all your deposited funds is to click on the 100% button under that field.

Click on the Buy XVG button.

Your Verge coins should show up in its wallet on the exchange in a couple of minutes and ready to be sent to your wallet off the exchange.

We hope this guide would help you purchase Verge (XVG) from Binance.