Electronium: The Mobile Mining Coin

Electronium is on my radar these days for a few simple reasons:

  1. Mobile Mining
  2. A solid userbase/dedicated community
  3. Many potential new exchanges
  4. Patents Pending

Lets delve into these reasons.

Mobile Mining

If you have an Android-based phone, you can download the electronium app and “virtually” mine coins that are added to your Electronium wallet. My personal belief is that there is some unknown “holy grail” type coin that will bridge the world of non-believers with the world of crypto-evangelists. Could mobile mining have some part to it? Your guess is as good as mine, but it has a smooth interface and I love getting coins for free. This “virtual mining” nets a dedicated user about $3 USD for someone dedicated

Solid Userbase

At the time of writing, the mobile miners working on the Electroneum Network was over 77,000. This number will probably follow an exponential growth path because it is basically free money for very little input.

Screen Shot 2018-04-18 at 12.25.14 PM

3. New Exchanges

Electroneum was recently tauted by none other than John McAfee for its scaleability and interesting concept. This pumped electroneum, which was followed by a steep drop in price. At this point, the token has stabilized and has found solid footing around 2 cents USD per coin. The most volume goes through KuCoin, but new exchanges are planned for the near future. If it were to be picked up by, say, Binance, we are looking at serious volume for ETC.


4. Patents are pending

The creator of electronium recently stated that patents on key parts of Electroneum are now listed as pending, meaning that other coins cannot simply copy the electroneum code. This is important. Very important.

Here’s what the creator had to say in a recent blog update:

Patent Pending Secured!
We’ve worked on this since last year, it protects our cryptocurrency hybrid system that will allow us to provide INSTANT cryptocurrency payments as well as cryptocurrency subscription payments! It is a game changer for the entire cryptocurrency industry, when it comes to everyday use.


New technical team member introductions
Two new blockchain based team members to introduce, who are already well in to fixing everything the market is worried about.

Growth (let’s end on a positive note!)
Did you know that Electroneum is ahead of Twitter, Facebook & Dropbox in speed of growth?

There is no other cryptocurrency that is poised to reach so many users, and there is no other cryptocurrency that has solved the problem of instantaneous transactions that will allow cryptocurrencies (not just ours!) to be spent online or in shops, restaurants, cafés etc. Currently the volume of ETN traded every day is low and the ability for someone to manipulate the price exists. As we move forwards onto the largest crypto exchanges and we start delivering on our promises, I hope to see that daily trading volumes grow to the point that that cannot be manipulated.  We will change the sentiment of people who doubt the project of the coming weeks and months with both innovative technology and by becoming the first cryptocurrency to start being used in everyday transactions by millions of users.