SALT: Blockchain backed Lending

SALT is a token that has a lot of potential in the near future. Here’s a breakdown of SALT.

Market Cap$208,355,728
Max Supply120,000,000 SALT
Circulating Supply57,866,382 SALT
Issue Price$ 0.9400 283.05% 
Issue Date2017-09-30

SALT is a membership based lending and borrowing network that allows users to leverage their blockchain assets to secure cash loans. The SALT Secured Automated Lending Technology is a protocol and asset agnostic architecture designed to adapt to the constantly growing class of blockchain assets.

The SALT Platform is automated and cryptographically secure. SALT is a lending platform specifically designed for blockchain assets; operating as a second layer protocol which sits atop any public or permissioned blockchain, allowing the underlying asset to be used as collateral for access to credit.

SALT also offers lenders a powerful, globally available solution to access a rapidly expanding and immediately addressable borrower base, while providing new tools for managing lender risk. Unlike traditional forms of collateral, such as real estate and automobiles, blockchain assets are divisible, fungible, and in many cases instantly transferable. These potential advantages can be fully realized with SALT’s volatility risk mitigating technology.

The SALT Bridge Foundation Announces Partnership with Regis University

The SALT Bridge Foundation aims to provide opportunity and education to those that are currently denied that basic right. The vision of the College of Business and Economics at Regis University is to help business become stewards of society with the goal of improving the quality of life on earth

Approximately 2 billion people worldwide do not use formal financial services and more than 50% of adults in the poorest households are unbanked. The SALT Bridge Foundation understand that financial inclusion is directly linked with basic human rights. The SALT Bridge Foundation and the College of Business and Economics at Regis University are excited to announce a partnership dedicated to creating opportunity to local young adults who are unbanked or underbanked, through their educational experience. Through the Bridge Program Regis University and the SALT Bridge Foundation will partner to educate Regis students about cryptocurrency and financial literacy. The program will work to create an opportunity for underserved students to become financially-included, proficient in new and innovative asset classes, and provide the same opportunity for future underserved students.

The SALT Bridge Foundation will seek impact with:

  • Local Impact – SALT Bridge Foundation is seeking partnerships with local universities and organizations to identify and serve young adults who are underserved. We will then initiate pilot programs on a small, and prudent scaled.
  • Leadership in blockchain implementation – We intend to provide guidance for local/national non-profits to learn about the benefits of implementation of blockchain technology and utilization of cryptocurrency.
  • Global Impact – the SALT Bridge Foundation believes the biggest impact for Financial Inclusion will be made internationally. The Salt Foundation seeks partners focused on solving global financial exclusion.

Platform Tally

  • 65,722 Active Members
  • $39,190,000 in Funded Loans

As you login to your account, you may encounter our new Master Loan Agreement. Please note that no action is required on your part until the origination of your loan. Feel free to contact with any questions.

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