The Two-Minute Bull Case for Monaco

The rollercoaster continues on. I have been on this coaster since February, and I’ve seen the highs and lows of BLV. A daily trip to the Discord Channel has continually filled my cup with believe juice, and I just want to take the time to talk about what makes Monaco my pick for 2018 cryptocurrency winners, sat directly next to the supreme leader itself: bitcoin. Here are my top reasons for an undeniable pump in MCO within the coming months.


The Lockup

The team over at Monaco have done their due diligence and have created the perfect bottleneck to keep Monaco prices high: The lockup. In order to have your very own METAL CARD (A perk that screams awesome) you must first lock up 50, 500 or 50,000 MCO tokens in their app for six months. Then, you are free to trade or spend them as you wish. Once enough people have their tokens locked up, it will raise the price of available MCOs due to the simple market physics of supply and demand.

The Killer Apptheapp.png

Aside from lockup, Monaco is building (in-house) the Credit and Invest features to be rolled out later this year. With credit, you can “stake” your MCO and pay your bill with fiat currency as your MCO stays in your wallet. With invest, you can use their app to do crypto-investments for you, creating a simple, amazing way to have your money make money for you. They only make money when you do.

The Team and Partnerships


The team at Monaco is absolutely stellar, top-notch, head-hunted world class talent that is destined for success. Seriously, they took the Chief Compliance Officer at Square and also have a Forbes 30 under 30 with the indominable Bobby Bao. Not to mention Kris, whom took TWO companies (not one, but TWO!) from 0-100million before starting Monaco. This is world class talent. They also have a strategic partnership with Binance as well as Bithumb, two of the world


visaMonaco’s relationship with Visa cannot be understated. They are the only crypto-based company that has a partnership with VISA as a project manager. They are literally light-years ahead of their competition. Very Soon, all of the crypto millionaires in the world will be able to spend their gains using the worlds best network for spending money.

The Perks

For us normies, we are going to get 1% – 1.5% MCO tokens cash back for every purchase we make. If we reserve a platinum card  (500 locked-up MCO) we can also use the amazing Lounge Key feature at many airports. We also will get air-dropped coins, conceivably beginning in June 2018.


So there you have it: My bull case for Monaco. Kris has said numerous times he will come out “guns-blazing,” with literally no indication to the general public as to when they will release the card into the wild. In the last Q&A, he stated that he had never been more excited for the “near-term future” of Monaco. Lets be honest, while there were a few setbacks, I have great confidence in this team of professionals. I believe they are setting themselves up for “huge, hockey stick growth.”

So strap in and get ready for the roller coaster to start going.