Monaco Rebrands as

…and is about to release metal frikken Visa Cards.

Monaco is in the midst of a major rebrand, as the company has just obtained Rumors are swirling that the URL cost anywhere between five to ten million dollars. CEO Kris Marszalek has been tight-lipped about the acquisitio, and is very keen to let people know that the original owner “would’ve sold it a long time ago if it was just about money.”

The company also released its new whitepaper just last week, and unleashed a host of new information about upcoming launches. The rebrand also places the MCO Visa card as one of potentially many other projects for First is the must-read white paper that goes through each revolutionary product the MCO Visa will offer:

Here is proof of working cards, demonstrated by members of the team.

As a current MCO-hodler, at first it felt as if the company might be over-extending itself. However, after a few days to think about it, I feel two things: 1. creates a HUGE umbrella for the company to also focus on other cryptocurrency-related projects such as blockchain architecture and other backend product to sell to other companies. 2. MCO Visa must be pretty much ready to roll out. There is a long-time inside joke of “7 to 14 days” for results from the company, but I am starting to read inbetween the lines and have a sneaking suspicion that they will roll out cards for Asia on, you guessed it, 7/14. This is all speculation, of course, but it would be a fun little “inside joke” for the fervent members of discord that are constantly obsessing over the MCO token. In the latest interview with Kris, he says “watch out in the next few days for big developments.”

That being said, if the product rolls out soon (not to mention, Invest and Credit) we may soon see much higher MCO token prices…