Launches Invest Feature has unveiled Crypto Invest, an easy to use crypto trading and portfolio tool innovated to give a customized portfolio in a twinkle of an eye while trading automatically with full reliance on market signals.

Globally, it is the first of its kind, the idea uses man trading strategies which makes it outstanding for any market.

Incoming traders (outside of the U.S., Singapore and Hong Kong) can start developing their portfolio with at least $20 USD, giving cheap access to trading in this era that trading is becoming expensive.

Co-founder’s View Of’s (MCO) Crypto Invest

Speaking on the development, Kris Marszalek, Co-Founder and CEO of said: “We’ve worked on Crypto Invest for over a year, including three months in a closed beta. During that time, a plethora of crypto investment products launched in the marketplace, all of them designed as currency baskets or crypto indexes. These efforts are destined to fail in a bear market.”

The idea behind Crypto Invest is distinct in many ways. It gives users the opportunity to access state of the art quant trading maneuverings that have the tendency to survive in any market for as low as $20 USD.

In the same line, the platform does not peg entry or exit time for asset that are presently being managed. Instead, it makes users to pay a success fee based on performance.

Also, users have the privilege to observe their coins during trading with the help of Wallet & Card App.

Crypto Invest has been in the beta stage for long and now it is now out for use. The platform offers access to nothing less than 30 cryptocurrencies, and the trading strategies are not designed for short term trading for market capacity and liquidity reasons. For those who stake MCO Tokens, there is 50 percent discount on all Crypto Invest fees.

About (MCO)

Formally known as Monaco, changed its name recently after going through a rigorous rebranding which analysts say will make the platform coast the crypto community completely.

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