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"We stand on the cusp of the new world. A world without borders or governmental and oligarchical control of the masses. The door stands before you. All you need to do is step through. Cryptocurrency is your ticket in. Join us." The Cryptotrader's Guide
"The best trading advice I can give you is don't. Just buy and HODL" Ran Neuner
"Another good VC friend of mine just said "my industry is completely disrupted, money is no longer the bargaining chip, we are moving into crypto." I said what I always say, "welcome"." ~ C.Z. From Binance
"The forces that created the universe, that guide us as living beings are not going to be stopped...this is cosmic power. It cannot be stopped. If all nation-states came together to stop Bitcoin, they would fail. That's very liberating." ~Max Keiser

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A Plantoid is a robot art installation built on the blockchain. Fully autonomous, the robotic plant survives off Bitcoin donations with the sole objective of reproducing other Plantoids. It exists not only in the physical world as a robotic, synthetic plant but also has DNA in the digital world on the blockchain. Let’s dive a little bit deeper into this unique piece of blockchain art.


In short, reversal chart patterns indicate that a current price trend is likely to change following the pattern’s completion. For example, if an asset is currently in the middle of a price downtrend, the formation of a reversal trading pattern would signal the likely start of a new upward price trend following the pattern’s completion.