Pandora is out of her box.
"We stand on the cusp of the new world. A world without borders or governmental and oligarchical control of the masses. The door stands before you. All you need to do is step through. Cryptocurrency is your ticket in. Join us." The Cryptotrader's Guide
"The output of our work belongs not to us but the government or company we work for. We are competing to be higher slaves in the system. If we control our currency, we control the value of our own work. This is freedom." John McAfee
"The best trading advice I can give you is don't. Just buy and HODL" Ran Neuner
"Another good VC friend of mine just said "my industry is completely disrupted, money is no longer the bargaining chip, we are moving into crypto." I said what I always say, "welcome"." ~ C.Z. From Binance
"The forces that created the universe, that guide us as living beings are not going to be stopped...this is cosmic power. It cannot be stopped. If all nation-states came together to stop Bitcoin, they would fail. That's very liberating." ~Max Keiser
"Crypto is leading the way in both finance and in political activism gearing up to an environment in which no state can control speech." ~Max Keiser
"I learned most journalists are forbidden by their employers to hodl any crypto. Should they be forbidden to own fiat if they write about trade-wars? So now, we have journalists who have never done a single blockchain transaction writing/"teaching the public" about blockchain." CZ from Binance
“There are few seminal events in the past 300 years: the Industrial revolution. The automobile, airplane, and the Internet. Each changed the world in a predicted way. Crypto is one. Banks will be gone in 5 years. Governments must seek new revenue sources. Please, God, accept this.”   John McAfee